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Terrible customer service i don’t recommend it the lady there is insane and a bully. Will never return

Megan Anderson

I am very upset with the service I have received. I ordered Chinese food with all intentions of picking it up. Unfortunately we had an emergency and was unable to pick up the food like planned because I was rushing to the er. As a result this irrational irate lady called me and began to yell at me. I tried to calmly explain my situation and apologize for it but she continued to yell over me saying I should of called her first before going to the er! We will not be returning and I will make sure to spread this information to others and encourage others to not return to avoid such heartless unprofessional behavior.


Good food but wrong order. I asked for chow mein..I got shrimp with veggies. Not a bad meal at all just wrong order but didn't have time to wait for replacement. It's an issue of not understanding English. I have this issue at most Chinese places. Verify your order twice! Will be back but will be double verifying!